Mitsubishi R01-A32-500 Filter For PKA-A12/18GA, PKA-A12/18GA1, PKA-A12/18GAL

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The Mitsubishi OEM replacement pre-filter model R01-A32-500 is a washable replacement air filter for Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pump and air conditioning split systems that use a 14 x 10 x 1/8 air filter. The actual size of the R01-A32-500 air filter is approximately 14" x 9 5/8" x 1/8".

The Mitsubishi OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer washable air filter is a reusable plastic woven mesh anti-mold pre-filter. Mitsubishi OEM washable pre-filters can be washed with water and a mild detergent and reused. The R01-A32-500 pre-filter is used with Mitsubishi Mr. Slim split system heat pump and air conditioner models: PKA-A12GA, PKA-A12GA1, PKA-A12GAL, PKA-A12GAL1, PKA-A18GA, PKA-A18GA1, PKA-A18GAL and PKA-A18GAL1.

The Mitsubishi R01-A32-500 air filter media should be cleaned once every two weeks.  For instructions on how to wash or change your pre-filter, please refer to your unit's Owner’s Manual.

This package ships with 1 filter. 

Most Mr. Slim split systems that use the R01-A32-500 use 2 pre-filters.