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Benefits of replacing your filters:
  • Improve Air Quality
  • Improve Health
  • Maintain System Performance
  • Reduce maintenance on your air cleaning system delivers the highest quality OEM air filters for your HEPA air cleaner, furnace, or air handler. If the health and quality of air in your home is important to you then we have what you need to breathe easy. We offer air filters that have high MERV ratings or are true HEPA rated to ensure that the air you are breathing inside your home is clean and safe.

Some air cleaners also have a UV bulb that helps kill airborne bacteria? We stock UV air purifying bulbs from the leading manufacturers such as Abatement Technologies and Ultravation

Replacing your air filters will improve your system performance!

The air filters in any HVAC system can help to remove airborne particles that would otherwise end up on all the surfaces in your home or even worse, in your lungs. High efficiency air filters in your furnace or HEPA air cleaner help to keep your home cleaner, but when ignored for extended periods of time, can actually hurt your HVAC system. It is important to replace the air filters in your air handler, furnace, or air cleaner based on the manufacturer recommended schedule to ensure your system runs at its most efficient levels and so it doesn't have to strain as much to move air through a clogged air filter.

Every manufacturer has its own recommended guidelines on the replacement of the air filter in their system, so it is best to become familiar with their suggestions and to keep to their specific replacement schedule. Ask us if you need help finding this information.