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PremierOne LSK07401H-16 Germicidal UV Lamp

PremierOne LSK07401H-16 replacement UV Lamp for the following PremierOne air purifiers: MUV-403H-16/5, MUV-401H-16, DUV-401H-16.

PremierOne LSK07401H-16 OEM replacement lamp utilizes Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation technology to actively "kill" bacteria and viruses by destroying their DNA.

PremierOne recommends you change the LSK07401H 16 inch UV Lamp after 2 years of use under normal operating conditions.

One pack contains 1 lamp. Always turn OFF the lamp before replacing it - NEVER view it with the naked eye while it is on.

Please use extra care NOT to touch the lamp with your bare hands when you are replacing the old lamp as the oil on your hands could shorten the life of the lamp.

NOTE: UV lamps commonly glow long after their effectiveness is done. For best results, replace this lamp every 2 years - place a date when the "Replace by ______" time is suggested.