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PremierOne HP500 HEPA Air Cleaner Filter Bundle

The PremierOne HP500 HEPA Air Cleaner Filter Bundle is for the PrimereOne HP500 HEPA Air Cleaner.

This convenient filter supply includes all filters for the HP500 HEPA Air Cleaner.

  • 2 x Pre-Filters/Carbon Filter Combination (replace one every six months) HFS-ARK564
  • 1 x HEPA filter (replace one every two years) HFS-RHF562

Both filters are the original equipment manufacturer replacement filters for use in the PremierOne HP500 HEPA air cleaner. 

Please Note: These filters are made by a 3rd party for PremierOne, and other manufacturers. The labeling on your filter may vary based on current availability.

You will receive three (3) filters with this offer. Consider purchasing our 2-Year Bundle HERE - Save on Product, Shipping, and BREATHE EASY for TWO Years!

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