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Mitsubishi M21 EAZ 100 MFZ-KA Floor Mounted Filter

The Mitsubishi M21EAZ100 Catechin Air Filter fits the following Floor Mounted Indoor Units: 

  • MFZ-KA09NA
  • MFZ-KA12NA
  • MFZ-KA18NA

Each of the units above requires one (1) filter. This OEM Mitsubishi washable mini split filter is a reusable plastic woven mesh pre-filter made with Catechin. Catechin is a bioflavonoid found in green tea with both antiviral and antioxidant qualities. In addition to these benefits, Catechin also offers excellent deodorizing characteristics. Catechin air filters use this compound to improve air quality and prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses in the room.

Maintenance & Care: Mitsubishi recommends cleaning your filter carefully every two weeks with a vacuum cleaner. The filter should be replaced every year for proper operation. 

Optional Air Cleaning Filters: Learn More HERE

Filter Dimensions: 19" x 13-3/4"

Important Note: This replaces the Mitsubishi M21L3V100 Filter