Mitsubishi MAC-2200DF Filter For MSH30SV MSZG20UV MSH26SV MU30SV MSH30TV

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The Mitsubishi OEM replacement filter model MAC-2200DF is a replacement deodorizing air filter for Mitsubishi Mr. Slim A/C and heat pump mini split with the model number: MSH30SV MSZG20UV MSH26SV MU30SV MSH30TV

The model number of your heat pump or series number of your indoor unit should be on the label on the bottom of your indoor unit.

The Mitsubishi OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer air filter is a gray sponge deodorizing filter that attaches to the unit's plastic framed pre-filter. The filter removes common household odors from pets, and tobacco by capturing the ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from the smoke in the air.

The MAC-2200DF should be washed every two weeks unless the filter becomes unusually dirty more often. The filter can be washed by soaking it for a while in warm water, wash and rinse it, then make sure the filter is completely dry before placing it back in the unit. If the filter color stays dark after thorough washing replace it with a new one.

The MAC-2200DF should be replaced once a year.

This package ships with 1 filter.