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Koch Air Filter 16 X 20 X 4 MERV 13 Multi-Pleat GREEN13 Pleated Air Filter - 6 Pack

The Koch Multi-Pleat Green13 MERV 13 furnace filter is a VERY high performance disposable replacement air filter for all gas and oil furnaces, heat pump and AC air handlers that use a 16 x 20 x 4 air filter.

This filter is a major upgrade to the filters that come with the original equipment manufacturers air filter media. Higher efficiency equals lower operating costs for the equipment owner.

The Green13 is a sustainable component of green building development and can earn points toward LEED certification. Great choice for Hospitals, Labs, Churches, Pharmaceutical Plants, Commercial Office Buildings, Publice Assembliies (Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Movie Theaters, Gyms, Schools, Restaurants) and in any system in which a higher degree of clean air is desired or required by law.

The size of this replacement air filter is approximately 15 1/2" x 19 1/2" x 3 3/4".

The Koch Multi-Pleat Green13 MERV 13 Multi-Pleat disposable air filters features a filtering medium that is more efficient and ecologically friendly than most other air filters on the market. Made entirely from recycled materials, this medium achieves MERV 13 efficiency with low resistance to airflow. It is also unaffected by high humidity and is hydrophobic (non-moisture absorbing). Koch Multi-Pleat Green13 MERV 13 air filters can upgrade existing flat panels as well as MERV 6 & 7 pleated filters currently being used with little increase in resistance. Diagonal and horizontal support members provide frame strength and the filter media pack is sealed to eliminate air bypass. The Koch Multi-Pleat GREEN13 filters are UL 900 Class 2 listed.

  • Media:100% Non-woven synthetic non-moisture absorbing media manufactured from recycled material with a MERV 13 efficiency rating and a UL 900 Class 2 listing
  • Media Support:Diamond-shaped expanded metal
  • Pleat Design:V Pleat
  • Frame:Moisture-resistant clay coated frame made with recycled material

Maintenance: Check monthly, REPLACE every 3 months.

MERV = Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value: The Higher the number, the more particulate is captured by the filter.

MERV 13 is recommended to capture the COVID-19 Virus particulate.

*We can set this product up for auto-fulfillment upon request.

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