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Abatement Technologies H502UVR Filter (6pk) for PRED1200UV Air Scrubber

Abatement Technologies H502UVR OEM replacement filter for the following Abatement portable air scrubber:


Abatement Technologies H502UVR is the 16 x 16 x 2 MERV 6 original equipment manufacturer replacement final filter. The H502UVR is resistant to ultraviolet light and must be used with systems that use UV lamps.

Abatement  recommended replacement schedule for the H502UVR pleated filter:

Use filter indicator light to determine needs
High Particulate - estimate 72 hours
Medium Particulate - 3 x/ month
Low particulate - 1 x/ month or when filter light goes on

This package ships with 6 filters.


The UV-resistant pleated H502UVR filter provided with the PRED1200UV is specially designed for use with UV lamps.
Do not use the H502 pleated filter or substitute other non UV-resistant filters in units that use a UV lamp because these products may off-gas, produce unpleasant odors, degrade, and in some cases, completely deteriorate.