Abatement Technologies H242406-99 HEPA Filter 24x24x6 Plastic Framed Filter

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The Abatement Technologies H242406-99 is the final stage OEM replacement HEPA filter for Abatement Technologies model BD2KL, BD2KLA, BD2KLV, BD2KLAV, H2000L,H2000LA, PAS2KA-3 portable air scrubbers. The H242406-99 OEM replacement HEPA filter has an injection-molded plastic frame. The actual size of the H242406-99 HEPA filter is approximately 24 x 24 x 6.

HEPA or high efficiency particulate arresting filters capture 99.97% of airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns in size. The Abatement Technologies H242406-99 HEPA filter removes bacteria, mold spores, soot, pollens, animal hair, animal dander, dust mites, smoke particles and other allergens and lung damaging particles.

Manufacturer recommended replacement schedule for the H242406-99 HEPA filter:

  • Every 9,000 hours
  • 1 year and a half (even if 9,000 hours has not been reached)

For instructions on how to change your air cleaner filter, please refer to your units Instruction Manual.

The Abatement Technologies H242406-99 HEPA filter is UL 900 Class 2 listed.

This package ships with 1 filter.