Fujitsu K9312833009 Filter (2 pk) For ASU9RLS, ASU12RLS, ASU18CL, ASUA7RLAV, ASUA9RLAV, ASUA12RLAV, ASUA14RLAV

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The Fujitsu K9312833009 replacement deodorizing air filter is made from Fujitsu Pottery Super Micro Particles. This material from Fujitsu can produce negative air ions that absorb and soak up unpleasant odors in the rooms they are installed in.

Fujitsu recommends that the air filter is rinsed in warm water with a mild soap mix. DO NOT scrub the filter with a brush or abrasive scrubbing pad. This will damage the deodorizing ability of the filter. After washing the K9312833009, it must be thoroughly air dried before it can be placed back in the indoor unit.

The Fujitsu K9312833009 is the optional deodorizing air filter for the following Fujitsu ductless mini split units: Model Number: ASU9RLS ASU12RLS ASU18CL ASUA7RLAV ASUA9RLAV ASUA12RLAV ASUA14RLAV

The Fujitsu K9312833009 should be cleaned every three months and recommended to be replaced every 3 years.

2 Filter Pack