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Campbell 1C9-12 Taste & Odor ANNUAL Water Filter 2 Micron Filter Cartridge 12 Pack

Use the 1C9-12 filter cartridge to remove tastes, odors, and sediment in cold water. This is the same cartridge included in all Campbell Taste & Odor filter systems. The Diamond-Wound polypropylene cartridge uses activated carbon and fits all Campbell and most competitors' 10" filter housings. Cartridges are manufactured from FDA-listed materials.

Excellent choice for drinking water (Water Fountains, Coolers, Coffee Stations)

For best results, REPLACE the cartridge Monthly


  • 2 Micron
  • 9-3/4" Length
  • 100 Deg F Max Temp
  • 2 Per Bag

12 Cartridges included in this offer (6 - 2 Packs)