BD2KLV Bulldog® Portable Air Scrubber

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The Abatement Technologies BD2KLV is a multi-use air filtration machine equipped with a pre-filter and a HEPA filter that are capable of filtering many airborne contaminants. An optional carbon pre-filter is also available for capturing low concentrations of odors, vapors, gases, and volatile organic compounds.

In addition to providing HEPA filtration, the BD2KLV can be used in negative pressure or recirculation mode. The BD2KLV is capable of variable speed air flow from 600 CFM to 2,000 CFM.

Other outstanding features included in the BD2KLV:

  • High output variable speed motor, air flow speed varies from 600 CFM to 2,000 CFM.
  • Attached outlet collar accepts 12" flex duct
  • Optional H2080P molded inlet manifold accepts 12" flex duct
  • Extremely tough rotational-molded polymer cabinet
  • Ease of transport with two fixed & two locking swivel casters, weighing in at only 105 pounds including filters, and two lift handles on each side of the cabinet
  • Unit comes equipped with 2" pleated particulate filter H2002, & final stage True Hepa filter H242406-99
  • Optional 1st Stage Ring Panel Coarse Particulate Filter H2003
  • Optional 3rd Stage Vapor-Lock® carbon gas/odor filter VL2024
  • The 24" x 24" x 6" H242406-99 True HEPA Filter is tested & certified @ 2,000 CFM (also accepts optional 24" x 24" x 12" 2,000 CFM-rated True HEPA filters H2010 and H2010M)
  • Recessed controls on side panel
  • ETL certified to conform with UL & CAN/CSA safety & flammability standards

The Abatement technologies replacement products we sell are genuine replacement products made by Abatement Technologies and are designed to get the maximum performance from your commercial unit, and comply with CDC, JHACO & OSHA infection control requirements.

Replacement air filters used with the BD2KLV portable air scrubber:

H2002-12 - 1st Stage Pleated Particulate Pre-filter, (2nd Stage filter when used with the optional H2003 filter)

H242406-99 - Final Stage HEPA Filter

H2003 - Optional 1st Stage Ring Panel Coarse Particulate Filter

VL2024 - Optional 3rd Stage Vapor Lock Carbon Filter

H2010 - Optional Final Stage HEPA filter

H2010M - Optional Final Stage HEPA filter

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