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Abatement Technologies PRED750 Annual Convenience Ultra-Pack

Our Annual Convenience Ultra Pack for The Abatement Technologies Portable Air Scrubber (PAS) - traps large quantities of debris in the air with coarse filters, a finer filter and MERV 7 Carbon filters, and the ultra-fine particulate using HEPA Filtration Technology. The Pre-Filters protect and enhance the life of the HEPA Filter. It's popular among restoration and remediation contractors and perfect for Classrooms, Meeting Rooms, Gyms & Workout Areas where it can be relocated quickly and easily.

It can even be ducted to the outside.

This Annual Package fits the PRED750 with the following pre-filters designed to capture large particulate.

You'll Get:

  • 12 Coarse F621 Filters to change MONTHLY
  • 6 Secondary H502 Filters to change BI-MONTHLY for best results
  • 2 Carbon VL602 Filters to change BI-ANNUALLY*

*Carbon filters are not included in the PRED750 unless you specify, but we felt this upgrade would be most appreciated to enhance the performance of the PRED750 when using it in a classroom, office, or meeting room where a mix of odors is typically present.