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Abatement Technologies PAS2400 Standard Remodeler Annual Filter Bundle

This Annual Bundle for the PAS2400 Portable Air Scrubber is perfect for Standard remodelers looking to easily reorder filters for their PAS2400 and save on filters & shipping! 

This Annual Filter Bundle includes:

  • 12 x 1st Stage Pre-Filters (18" x 24" x 1")
  • 12 x 2nd Stage Particulate Filters (18" x 24" x 2")

To learn more about the Abatement PAS2400 Portable Air Scrubber CLICK HERE!

    The Abatement 1st stage replacement pre-filter. The FiberTrap pre-filter is designed to capture the coarsest particles circulating through your air duct system, which helps to extend the life of the 2nd stage carbon-pleated filter and the HEPA filter, saving you money.

    Abatement recommended replacement schedule for the pre-filter:

    • High Particulate - every 8 hours
    • Medium Particulate - every 48 hours
    • Low particulate - every 72 hours or until the filter light goes on

    The Abatement 2nd stage MERV 8 pleated filter removes finer particulates than the 1st stage pre-filter. The Abatement recommended replacement schedule for the pleated filter - Use the filter indicator light to determine needs:

    • High Particulate - approximately every 72 hours
    • Medium Particulate - 3x /month
    • Low particulate - 1x /month or when filter light goes on

    This package ships with two cases of twelve (12) filters each.