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Abatement Technologies SM2436PK Sticky Mats

The Abatement Technologies SM2436PK Sticky Mats have a tacky surface that can help protect against the contamination of clean areas. Place a pack of 30 of the  24” x 36” Abatement SM2436PK Sticky Mats on floors outside entrances into these areas to prevent tracking in dirt and other contaminants on the bottoms of shoes and wheels. As the top mat becomes dirty, it is easily peeled away to expose the next mat and discarded. A tacky surface on the bottom of the pack also keeps the pack securely in place. The pressure-sensitive adhesive on top of each mat removes contaminants from shoes & wheels. Peel and toss away the top sheet when dirty.

SM2436PK Sticky Mats are packaged with 30 mats per pack and sold in 10 packs (300 mats total).