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Abatement Technologies PAS1200UV HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Scrubber

The full-feature HEPA-AIRE PAS1200UV Portable Air Scrubber from Abatement Technologies® is the stainless-steel counterpart to our PRED1200UV model, with similar performance characteristics. The PAS1200UV features variable airflow control from 300 cfm to 900 cfm. Multiple units can be daisy-chained on one 15-amp circuit via the GFCI-protected duplex receptacles. The PAS1200UV is capable of maintaining 6 ACH in spaces up to 7,500-9,000 ft³ at peak-rated airflow.

The PAS1200UV Portable Air Scrubber is designed to employ up to four filter stages to remove potentially hazardous airborne particles from healthcare construction, maintenance, and renovation zones

  • First stage pre-filter - Inexpensive 1"-deep pre-filter for larger particles
  • Second stage pre-filter - 2"-deep pleated filter for medium-sized particles
  • Third stage pre-filter (optional, not included with the unit) - 2"-deep high-capacity carbon filter for gases and odors
  • Final stage - Tested & certified 99.97%-efficient metal-frame HEPA filter

UV Lamp: Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation lamp

 Features of the HEPA-AIRE PAS1200UV Portable Air Scrubber include

  • Easy to Transport - 8” non-marking rear wheels with smooth tires roll quietly and protect floors
  • Powerful Blower - High-efficiency airfoil blower provides 6 ACH @ 7,500-9,000 ft³
  • Maneuverable in Small Spaces - Front swivel casters allow the PAS1200 to “turn on a dime” in tight spaces
  • Solid-Rivet Aircraft Construction - Strong leak-resistant cabinets
  • User-Friendly Controls - A complete array of convenient controls enables users to continuously monitor the operating status of the PAS1200UV
  • Safety First - NRTL certified to conform to UL507 and CSA 22.2 safety standards
  • Easy 'No Tools' Pre-Filter Access - Fast filter changes
  • Separate Pre-Filter Compartments - Less bypass, helps prevent premature HEPA loading
  • 230 VAC/50 Hz Export Model - PAS1200TF runs on 230 Volt/50 Hz current (1,000-1,250 m³/hr.)

 Filters Pollutants Using up to Four Stages of Filtration

The PAS1200UV uses a special backward-curved blower and high-speed motor to pull pollutants through up to four stages of filtration.

Recessed Control Panel

The recessed control panel provides all controls in one location.

Control Panel Features:

  • Variable speed control
  • ‘Power On’ indicator lamp
  • ‘Replace Pre-filter’ indicator lamp
  • ‘Replace HEPA’ indicator lamp
  • Hour meter
  • Male power receptacle
  • Pop-out circuit breaker

All Abatement HEPA-AIRE® units have been tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and carry the marks certifying that they comply with applicable OSHA, UL and CSA electrical safety standards. Filters meet UL900 flammability standards. Learn more about the importance of product safety certification in the Learning Center.