Abatement Technologies CAP500-UVP Residential Air Purifier

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Add Germicidal UV or UV "Plus" Air Purification Technology to your

Each year millions of Americans suffer from allergic reactions to molds and bacteria commonly found in indoor air. The dark, damp confines of forced-air HVAC systems can provide a perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria to multiply, and potentially spew into the living space of your home when the HVAC fan is turned on.

Installing an Abatement Technologies CAP500 Series UV Germicidal Air Purification device Installing an Abatement Technologies® CAP500 Series UV Germicidal Air Purification Device into your home’s central HVAC system can help control the formation of mold, bacteria and other health-threatening microbes and unpleasant odors. CAP500 models convert the HVAC system into a “killing zone” where micro-organisms are irradiated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

CAP500-UVP for Ultra-High Performance in Wet, Damp Areas

The UV "Plus" lamp in the CAP500-UVP model combines high-performance germicidal UV-C irradiation and ozone. This model is designed especially for homes with odor problems related to sources such as water issues, smokers, pets or wood burning stoves. The ozone produced reacts with odors and dissipates within the ductwork so ozone levels are not increased within the occupied living space.

State-of-the-Art Features of CAP500 Series Germicidal UV Lamps

High-Performance UV-C Lamp

CAP500 Series Central Air Purifiers are designed to destroy bacteria, molds and other health-threatening microbes that can live and multiply inside of a forced air heating and cooling system. These units feature a powerful 1,950 μw/cm2 @ 6” germicidal UV-C or UV “Plus” lamp that can also break down and neutralize many VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and unpleasant odors.

Easy Monitoring Enhances Lamp Performance

The CAP500 Series includes a visual indicator that monitors the status and performance of the UV lamp:

Green Light: Lamp is operating within an acceptable range

Red Light: Lamp should be replaced immediately

Safety First

CAP500 Series UV Lamps have been tested and certified to comply with applicable UL and CSA standards by Environmental Testing Laboratories.