Mitsubishi MAC-418FT-E Filter For MSZ-FE09NA-8, MSZ-FE12NA-8, MSZ-FD09NA, MSZ-FD12NA

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The Mitsubishi OEM replacement filter model MAC-418FT-E is replacement anti allergy air filter for Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pump and air conditioning split systems. The actual size of the MAC-418FT-E air filter is approximately 8 3/8"x2 3/4"x1/4".

The Mitsubishi OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer air filter is a blue anti-allergy enzyme filter. The filter captures airborne bacteria, viruses, germs and traps fine dust, and pollen that the larger post-filter may not catch. This filter is made with a special enzyme to break down the bonds in allergen proteins, giving your home or office fresh air while reducing the presence of allergens in the environment. The MAC-418FT pre-filter is used with Mitsubishi Mr. Slim split system heat pump and air conditioner models: MSZ-FE09NA-8, MSZ-FE12NA-8, MSZ-FD09NA, MSZ-FD12NA

The model number of your heat pump or series number of your indoor unit should be on the label on the bottom of your indoor unit.

The Mitsubishi MAC-418FT-E air filter media should be changed once every four months or as needed if sooner. Instructions on how to change your pre-filter come included with the filter packaging, or please refer to your unit's Owner's Manual.

This package ships with 1 filter.