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Fujitsu K9315014023 & K9086706004 Charcoal Filter Bundle

The Fujitsu OEM K9315014016 & K9086706004 Filter Bundle fits the following Fujitsu Indoor Mini Split Modes: 


The Fujitsu K9315014023 should be cleaned every two weeks to ensure the best air-cleaning performance of the filter and should be replaced annually. 

The Fujitsu K9086706004 mini split filter effectively eliminates orders and should not be cleaned. It must be replaced annually for proper performance. 

You will receive three filters with your order. Two (2)K9315014023 and One (1) K9086706004. 

Filter Dimensions

  • K9315014023: 16" x 14"
  • K9086706004: 10.6" x 6.1"