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Daikin FTX30NVJU Mini Split Ductless Filter Clean Air Kit D1001A

This Clean Air Kit consists of

3 - Daikin Large Screen OEM replacement filters

3 - Daikin High-Efficiency Filters  - designed for use with Daikin ductless system model FTX30NVU

Daikin High Efficiency is a washable replacement air filter for use with Daikin mini split units. It's a direct replacement for the standard air filter included with the original wall unit.

Each wall unit requires Three large filters & Three small photocatalytic filters.

Clean the Large Filters Weekly; Replace Annually

Wash the Small Filters Monthly; Replace every 2 to 3 years.

One Kit contains 3 Large filters, 3 small filters, 3 small filter frames..

Frames required if you don't already have them. Order separately.