Mitsubishi MSZ-FE09-NA & MSZ FE12-NA Ductless Filter Combo

Mitsubishi E22 C85 100 Right Side & E22 C86 100 Left Side replacement filter combo saver fits the following Mitsubishi Ductless mini split units:


Both filters should be cleaned once every two weeks, and for best performance replaced every 12 months.

NOTE: Mitsubishi updated part numbers to "E22" from "E12".

Mitsubishi M-Series Mr. Slim split systems that use the E12 C86 100 use two pre-filters. The two filter units have a left and a right side air filter that are different. If your unit uses a left and a right side filter and your right side filter is the E12 C85 100, your left side filter is the Mitsubishi model E12 C86 100 air filter.

One E22 C85 100  & One E22 C86 100 mini split filter is included with this offer.

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