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Mitsubishi MSZ-FE09 & MSZ-FE12 Ductless Filter Bundle

Mitsubishi E22 C85 100 (Right Side) & E22 C86 100 (Left Side) replacement filter combo saver fits the following Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split units:


Both filters should be cleaned once every two weeks and, for best performance, replaced every 12 months.

NOTE: Mitsubishi updated part numbers to "E22" from "E12".

Mitsubishi M-Series Mr. Slim split systems that use the E12 C86 100 use two pre-filters. The two filter units have a left and a right side air filter that are different. If your unit uses a left and a right side filter. The right side filter is the E12 C85 100, and your left side filter is the Mitsubishi model E12 C86 100 air filter.

One (1) E12 C85 100 & One (1) E12 C86 100 filters are included with this offer.