Mitsubishi MSZ-GE09-12-15-18 NA-8 HFSF63 Ductless Filter Bundle

Mitsubishi HFSF63 Filter Bundle is the simple replacement for:

MSZ-GE06NA-8, MSZ-GE09NA-8, MSZ-GE12NA-8, MSZ-GE15NA-8, MSZ-GE18NA-8 Ductless mini-split indoor units.

 All of the above indoor units require 2 replacement air filters & 2 Optional HFS408 Anti-allergy Air Cleaning Filters

Mitsubishi HFSF63 Nano-Platinum filters help to cleanse the air of unpleasant odors,  

The Mitsubishi mini split filters should be cleaned once every two weeks, and for best performance replace it every 12 months.

Two (2) HFSF63 (Blue) filters, & Two (2) HFS408 upgrade filters are included with this bundle.