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Ultravation AS-IH-1001 12 inch T3 UV Lamp 2 Pack

The Ultravation AS-IH-1001 12 inch T3 UV Lamp 2 Pack is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement for your system. The manufacturer of your system recommends that you replace your lamp with the one specifically designed for it.

Ultraviolet lights from Ultravation generate germicidal ultraviolet light or UV-C light. Ultraviolet light is natural part of sunlight and is part of the light spectrum that we can't see. Of the three types of UV light that exist in the spectrum, UV-C is the kind of UV light that is germicidal.

The lamps that we sell create the same UV-C light that exists naturally in the light spectrum and are designed to disinfect the surfaces and the air inside your HVAC system and home. As the germs and microbes in your in your pass through the air cleaner or over the UV lamp in your HVAC system they are broken down and rendered harmless.

The ASIH1001 is the 12 inch T3™ replacement remote UV-C lamp for the following Ultravation product lines and model numbers.

Ultravation UltraMax UME Economy UV Series Remote Lamp Models:
UME1200T, UME1202T

Ultravation UltraMax UME Economy UV Series 24V Remote Lamp Models:
UME1224T, UME12242T

Ultravation UltraMax GOLD UMX Germicidal UV Series Remote Lamp Models:
UMX1200T, UMX1202T

Ultravation UVS Monitored Germicidal UV Series Remote Lamp Models:
UVS1200T, UVS1202T

Ultravation UVE Standard Germicidal UV Series Remote Lamp Models:
UVE1200T, UVE1202T

Ultravation Photronic Whole House Air Cleaner Models:
92-002, 92-005, 92-008, 92-011, 92-014, 92-025, 92-026, 92-029, 92-032, 92-035, 92-038, 92-041, 92-044, 92-074, 92-077, 92-080, 92-083, 92-086, 92-089, 92-092, 92-095, 92-098, 92-101, 92-104, 92-107, 92-110, 92-113, 92-116, 92-119, 92-122, 92-125, 92-128, 92-131, 92-134, 92-137, 92-139

Ultravation Photronic HEPA Whole House Air Cleaner Models:
92-017, 92-020

Ultravation's patented T3™ (Thermal Transfer Technology) UV lamps are specially designed to provide the highest possible level of UV energy by protecting the lamp from cold air in a quartz glass sleeve. UV intensity diminishes as lamp surface temperature goes down. T3™ technology maximizes lamp surface temperature by maintaining the highest temperature possible. UV energy emitted by the T3™ lamp is optimized by the higher surface temperature of the UV lamp encased in the quartz sleeve.

The power consumption of each lamp is 19 Watts per lamp.This two pack consumes 38 Watts.

The manufacturer recommends you change the UV lamps once a year under normal operating conditions.

This package ships with 2 lamps.