Ultravation 91-013 20x20x5 MERV 11 Filter 4 Pack

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This filter is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement for your system. The manufacturer of your system recommends that you replace your air filter with the filter specifically designed for it.

The actual size of the Ultravation air filter model 91-013 is approximately 19 3/4" x 20 3/4" x 4 3/4". The Ultravation 91-013 is the 20 x 20 x 5 replacement MERV 11 Progressive Media air filter for the following Ultravation whole house air cleaner models:

Progressive Media Straight-Through Design
Whole House Air Cleaner models:


Photronic Straight-Through Design Multistage
Whole House Air Cleaner Models:

92-031, 92-032, 92-033, 92-121, 92-122, 92-123

How to Change Your Ultravation Filter:


Do you have a bottom return air handler? Watch your filter change video here.


  • MERV 11 performance
  • Low pressure drop
  • Progressive particulate capture for long life
  • 100% Synthetic Fibers
  • Stable Media Charge
  • High Initial Efficiency
  • Thermally Bonded
  • Fibers resist shedding
  • Media does not absorb moisture
  • Continuous fibers
  • No chemical binders

    The 91-013 replacement filter uses Ultravation Progressive Media filtration with Ultrastrand fiber technology, which meets and exceeds MERV 11 (ASHRAE 52.2) performance standards. Ultravation MERV 11 filters can capture particles as small as .3 microns in size. The specially shaped surface of an Ultrastrand fiber captures and holds particles far better than the typical round fiber. To increase capture ability still further, Ultrastrand fibers carry a permanent electrostatic charge that attracts particles like a magnet.

    Ultravation Progressive Media design increases fiber density from the upstream to downstream side, gathering the largest particles in the first part of the filter, while progressively smaller particles are captured through the filter. As a result, the media becomes filled edge to edge, providing very high dirt holding capacity.

    In the past increased efficiency in particulate capture has always meant increased air resistance. But the Ultravation Progressive Media design and UltraStrand shaped fibers achieve MERV 11 performance with less pressure drop than a typical MERV 8 media filter. This increased performance with less pressure drop means you will get cleaner air in your home without sacrificing the efficiency of your HVAC system. With genuine Ultravation Progressive Media replacement filters you truly do get more bang for your buck!

    The manufacturer recommends you change the 91-013 disposable filter every 6 months under normal operating conditions.

    For instructions on how to change your air cleaner's filter, please refer to your units Instruction Manual.

    This package ships with 4 filters.

    How to Change the Air Filter on an Untravation Bottom Return Air Handler