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Ultravation 91-009 15x15x6 HEPA Filter

Ultravation 91-009 HEPA Filter is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement for your system. The manufacturer of your system recommends that you replace your air filter with the filter specifically designed for it.

The 91-009 is the 15 x 15 x 6 replacement MERV11 HEPA filter for the Ultravation HEPA Whole House Air Cleaner 93-001. The 91-009 is also the replacement HEPA filter for the Ultravation Photronic Multistage Air Cleaner with true HEPA filtration models: 92-016, 92-017, 92-018 and 92-022. The actual size of the Ultravation HEPA filter model 91-009 is approximately 15" x 15" x 6".

The Ultravation 91-009 Replacement MERV 11 HEPA filter media combines state of the art mini-pleat construction techniques with superior reliability to deliver maximum value. The HEPA filter media is manufactured with high efficiency glass microfiber media that is 99.97% efficient, when tested with .3 micron size particles. The HEPA microfiber media is randomly tested and certified to meet minimum efficiency requirements.

The 91-009 HEPA media pack consists of a continuous sheet of the pleated glass microfiber that is moisture resistant and does not support the growth of bacteria or mold.

The manufacturer states that if you change your pre-filter regularly the HEPA filter can last as long as 5 years. We recommend that you change your HEPA filter every 3 to 5 years under normal operating conditions.

For instructions on how to change your air cleaner's filter, please refer to your units Instruction Manual.

This package ships with 1 filter.