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Nordyne 918397 20x25x5 MERV 11 Air Filter 3 Pack

The Nordyne model 918397 MERV 11 air filter is a disposable OEM replacement air filter for Nordyne high efficiency media air cleaner models: 918378, 919053, N-BB2025, N-MU2025 and RAM2000. The actual size of the 918397 air filter is approximately 20 1/4" x 25 3/8" x 5 1/4".

The Nordyne 918397 MERV 11 air filter is also a direct replacement for the following air filters: 9183970, FS2025, M8-1056, MU2025, NC2025, P102-2025. The Nordyne 918397 MERV 11 air filter is also a replacement filter for the following Air Cleaner manufacturers and model numbers.

Amana: ABB2025, AMU2025, ANC2025, ARAM2000
Bryant: CBB2025, CMF2025, CNC2025, CRAM2000
Carrier: CBB2025, CMF2025, CNC2025, CRAM2000
Coleman:CEMU2025, CENC2025
Electro-Air: EABB2025, EAMU2025, EANC2025, EARM2000, SAS-18 (replace cells)
Five Seasons:FSBB2025, FSMU2025, FSNC2025, FSRM2000
Frigidaire: BB2025, MU2025, NC2025, RAM2000
Gibson: BB2025, MU2025, NC2025, RAM2000
Goodman:GBB2025, GMU2025, GNC2025, GRAM2000
Kelvinator: BB2025, MU2025, NC2025, RAM2000
Maytag: BB2025, MU2025, NC2025, RAM2000
Nordyne: 918378, 919053, N-BB2025, N-MU2025, RAM2000
Payne: CBB2025, CMF2025, CNC2025, CRAM2000
Philco: BB2025, MU2025, NC2025, RAM2000
Tappan: BB2025, MU2025, NC2025, RAM2000
Totaline: P102-BB20, P102-MF20, P102-NC20, P102-RAM200
Westinghouse: BB2025, MU2025, NC2025, RAM2000
York: YMU2025, YNC2025

The Nordyne 918397 can be used to replace collection cells in second generation ("flat top") electronic air cleaner that with their cells removed have a clear opening at least 20 1/4" x 25 3/8" x 5 1/4". The Nordyne 918397 air filter can also be used with many other air cleaner manufactures and models that use a 20 1/4" x 25 3/8" x 5 1/4" air filter.

The Nordyne 918397 disposable air filter carries a MERV 11 rating and is a full 5 1/4" deep to ensure a perfect fit, eliminating by-pass or air leakage around the filter. The 5 1/4" deep air filter also allows for a lower initial static pressure drop and provides silent operation.

The Nordyne 918397 air filter media should be changed once a year in standard applications for low maintenance.  For instructions on how to change your air filter, please refer to your unit's Owner's Manual.

This package ships with 3 filters.