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American Standard NAXWPH Series Ductless Mini Split ANNUAL Filter Kit

This American Standard NAXWPH series Ductless Mini-Split Kit fits the following units:

NAXWPH06A112AA,NAXWPH09A112AA, NAXWPH09A112AA, NAXWPH09A112AA, NAXWPH09A112AA units that have been discontinued in 2014.

Your American Standard Ductless Mini-Split Kit includes the following filters -

TWO Nano Platinum Filters (Large Screen Filters) ONE Electrostatic Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter (small), and ONE Deodorizing Filter (small).

REPLACE the Large Screen Filters - every Year if you have an active household, wall-to-wall carpeting, and/or Pets. Without such things, and with routine cleaning, you might get up to 2 years of acceptable performance.. Vacuum & wash them every TWO weeks for best results.

REPLACE the Anti-Allergy (Blue) & the Deodorizing Filter every YEAR for best results.

 NOTE: Any time the filter gets dirty for a prolonged period of time in the AC mode, condensation will form on the blower wheel and reduce the efficiency and may cause microbial growth. Proper Care & Maintenance is required (and often over-looked!)