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Abatement Technologies UV400C-PT HEPA-CARE Germicidal UV Module

Abatement Technologies UV400C-PT Ceiling-Mounted Germicidal UV Disinfection Module cleans and disinfects the air using UVGI energy. The separate UV400C-PT module is designed to work in conjunction with the ceiling-mounted HC800CD Air Purification System.

Using negative pressure created by the HEPA-filtered HC800CD and irradiated by the UV400C-PT.

The UV400C-PT mounts completely out of the way in a 2 ft. x 2 ft. drop ceiling grid, similar to a fluorescent light fixture. Four ultra-high intensity lamps (156 watts total) produce extremely intense levels of UVGI radiation to kill microorganisms and sanitize the air. Infected air is channeled close to the lamps and slowed down by internal baffles, thereby maximizing UV intensity and dosage, and microorganism dwell time in the “kill zone.”

Create Airborne Infectious Isolation (AII) Rooms

The combination of HEPA filtration by the HC800CD, plus UV-C air disinfection by the UV400C-PT, provides an extra level of protection and security to hospitals and healthcare facilities. It also provides additional assurances that highly toxic airborne microbial pathogens are contained in patient isolation and treatment rooms, ER triage rooms and other areas of potential exposure.

Advanced technical features of the UV400C-PT Ceiling-Mounted Germicidal Module include:

  • High-Output - Four T6-type, ultra-high output 39-watt UVGI lamps (156 watts total) generate more than 17,000 µw/cm² of UV energy at a distance of 3 inches from the lamps
  • Long Life - Lamps rated for 9,000 hours of continuous operation
  • Maximum UV Exposure - Internal air baffles maximize UVGI exposure by slowing down the airflow and funneling it closer to the lamps
  • Easy Lamp Replacement - Easy room-side access facilitates lamp replacement

Safety features of the UV400C-PT include:

  • Complete Lamp Shielding - Protects against UV exposure during operation
  • Safety Interlock - Instantly deactivates the lamps if the lamp compartment is opened or airflow is interrupted
  • NRTL-Certified - Safety certified to conform with applicable UL & CSA safety standards

Net weight with filters: 25 lbs

Shipping weight: 33 lbs

Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 23.069"W x 15.678"D x 22.875"H

Electrical power rating: 115 volts, 60 hz., 2.5 amps

Automatic restart: Unit will automatically restart itself after temporary power interruption

Durable Cabinet: powder-coated aluminum

Cabinet seams: Assembled with solid rivets and sealed

Control panel: Illuminated Power Switch is mounted on front of unit

Circuit breaker: 5 amp

Power indicator: Yes

Speed control/power switch: Illuminated Power Switch

Connection to power supply: Units designed to be hard-wired to building electrical system or a standard wall-mounted on/off switch

Location of exhaust outlet: Side panels of unit

Accessories included with unit: UV400C - One solid exhaust cover plate