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Abatement Technologies PAS5000 HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Scrubber

Abatement Technologies PAS5000 HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Scrubber

Product features:

Power Plus - Strong, five-horsepower single-phase motor delivers up to 4,000 cfm of peak airflow yet draws 21 amps or less on a 230 V/30 amp/60 Hz electric supply

Durability - Tough, galvanized 20 gauge stainless steel cabinet with strong and secure aircraft-type solid rivet fasteners

Mobility - Narrow, 26.5”-wide upright cabinet with four extra heavy-duty, 5” diameter by 2”-wide casters (2 fixed and 2 locking swivels)

Particulate Pre-Filter - 2” pleated particulate pre-filters capture particles and extend the life of the HEPA filter. (Standard in all units)

Optional Odor Adsorption Carbon Filters - VAPOR-LOCK®high-capacity granular carbon pre-filters capture gasses and odors. (Order carbon filters separately)

HEPA Efficiency - Dual 2,000 cfm HEPA filters are 100% tested and certified to provide 99.97%+ efficiency @ 0.3 microns

Safety - The PAS5000 has been independently tested and certified in accordance with applicable UL and CSA safety requirements

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