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Abatement Technologies UVP425 UV Lamp for CAP500-UVP - 4 Pack

Abatement Technologies UVP 425 replacement UV Lamp for the following Abatement units:


Abatement Technologies UVP425 replacement lamp UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) technology to actively "kill" bacteria and viruses by destroying their DNA. UVGI is also a part of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy generated by the sun. In addition to UVGI the UVP425 UV lamp also produces a controlled amount of trivalent oxygen (Ozone) via an oxidation reaction known as Photolysis.

The Abatement CAP500-UVP includes both visual and audible indicators that monitor the lamp's status:

  • Green Light: Indicates the lamp is operating within an acceptable range
  • Yellow Light: Indicated the lamp should be replaced soon
  • Red Light: Indicates the lamp in inoperable

An audible 'chirp' begins when the Yellow light appears. The 'chirping' alarm can be shut-off without replacing the lamp.

Abatement recommends you change the UVP425 UV lamp after 9000 hours (1 year) of use under normal operating conditions.

One pack contains 4 lamps.