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Abatement Technologies H502 Pleated Filter - 24 Pack for Contractors

Abatement Technologies H502 2nd stage OEM replacement filter for the following portable air scrubbers:

PRED600, PRED750, PRED1200, PRED1200E, PAS600, PAS1200, HC400F and HC400F-UV. The H502 is optional for Abatement Technologies PAS1800 and H600V portable air scrubbers.

Abatement Technologies H502 is the 16 x 16 x 2 original equipment manufacturer replacement 2nd stage filter.

The Abatement recommended replacement schedule for the H502 pleated filter is as follows:

Use the convenient filter indicator light to determine the following:

  • High Particulate - Approximately 72 hours
  • Medium Particulate - 3x /month
  • Low particulate - 1x /month or when filter light goes on

This package ships with twenty-four (24) filters - our best deal!

Do you find yourself requiring a larger quantity of filters? CONTACT US TODAY, and we can discuss a high-volume order discount!