Ultravation UMX9URL 9 inch Compact-Twin UV Lamp 2 Pack

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The Ultravation UMX9URL 9 inch Compact-Twin UV Lamp 2 Pack is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement for your HVAC system. The manufacturer of your system recommends that you replace your lamp with the one specifically designed for it.

The UMX9URL is the 9 inch ez Plug-in replacement UV-C lamp for the Ultravation UltraMAX GOLD Whole House UV Air Treatment System, models: UMX1000 and UMX2000.

The Ultravation UltraMAX GOLD Integrated lamp models UMX1000 and UMX2000 use Philips compact-twin "U" shaped lamps that effectively double the length and intensity of the lamp. All UltraMAX UV lamps use Philips Sterilamp technology. Patented Sterilamp technology means highest output over the life of the lamp. Ultravation's safe and easy-plug-in UV lamp systems make changing lamps a breeze.


The manufacturer recommends you change the UV lamps once a year under normal operating conditions.

This package ships with 2 lamps.

If you have the UMX2000 system you will need to purchase the two lamp pack to change all your UV lamps.