Mitsubishi MSZ & MSY Mini Split Filter Bundle w/MAC-408FT-E

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Mitsubishi E12 D68 100, MAC-408FT-E replacement mini split filter bundle for the following Mitsubishi mini split units:


Mitsubishi E12-D68-100 washable mini split filter is a reusable plastic woven mesh pre-filter made with Catechin. Catechin is a bioflavonoid that is found in green tea that has both antiviral and antioxidant qualities. In addition to these benefits, Catechin also offers excellent deodorizing characteristics. Catechin air filters use this compound to not only improve air quality but also prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses in the room.

The Mitsubishi E12-D68-100 mini split filter should be cleaned once every two weeks, and for best performance replace it every 12 months.

Mitsubishi MAC-408FT-E anti-allergy enzyme mini split filter is a pack of 2 replacement anti-allergy air filters for Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pump and air conditioning split systems. The Mitsubishi MAC-408FT-E mini split  filter is a blue anti-allergy enzyme filter that attaches to the unit's plastic framed pre-filter. The filter captures airborne bacteria, viruses, germs and traps fine dust, and pollen that the larger post-filter may not catch. This filter is made with a special enzyme to break down the bonds in allergen proteins, giving your home or office fresh air while reducing the presence of allergens in the environment.

The Mitsubishi MAC-408FT-E mini split filter should be changed once every four months. (NOTE - ANNUAL Pack Available for MORE savings!)

Filter bundle contains 4 filters. 2 Mitsubishi E12 D68 100, 2 MAC-408FT-E.