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Lossnay LGH-F-1200RX5-E1 Replacement Filter Kit

 Lossnay LGH-F1200RX5-E1 Replacement Filter Kits includes:

4 - Lossnay Core Filters HFS153710

8 - Lossnay MERV 6 "Pre"- Filters HFS522717

Clean Standard filters monthly using a vacuum cleaner. Replace these "pre-filters" annually to preserve the effectiveness and longevity of the Core filters.

Use a soft brush on the vacuum cleaner only to clean exposed surface areas. 

DO NOT WASH in WATER! Lossnay Core should last 3 to 4 years with routine & careful vacuum cleaning and frequent "Pre-Filter" Replacement.

Frequency & Life Expectancy always depends on the environment & use.

Allow 15 - 30 Days ARO

NOE: Guides are NOT included - be very careful removing your existing guides. Guides will NOT be available until May 2024 due to the nature of this specialty item.