Abatement Technologies UV800F HEPA-CARE Germicidal UV Module

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Abatement Technologies UV800F HEPA-CARE Germicidal UV Module

Product features:

High-Output - Four T6-type, ultra-high output 39-watt UVGI lamps (156 watts total) generate more than 17,000 µw/cm² of UV energy at a distance of 3 inches from the lamps

Long Life - Lamps rated for 9,000 hours of continuous operation

Maximum UV Exposure - Internal air baffles maximize UVGI exposure by slowing down the airflow and funneling it closer to the lamps

Easy Lamp Replacement - Easy room-side access facilitates lamp replacement

Complete Lamp Shielding - Prevents any direct UV exposure during operation

Safety Interlocks - Instantly deactivate lamps if the lamp compartment is opened or airflow is interrupted

Lamp On/Off Switch - Turns off lamp so HC800F HEPA unit can run with or without UV

NRTL-Certified - Safety certified by Environmental Testing Laboratories (ETL) to conform with applicable UL & CSA safety standards

Note: This model cannot be used with any other HEPA-CARE unit.