Abatement Technologies HEPA-AIRE H2500IV with INTELLIVAC

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The Ultimate Portable Vacuum
The HEPA-AIRE H2500IV with INTELLIVAC* is the ultimate portable vacuum for residential and commercial air duct cleaning. This full-featured, four-module model has all of the “bells and whistles,” including a performance enhancing "smart" electronics package with Variable Frequency Drive.
The H2500IV unit is available separately and included in Package A and Package B of our turnkey packages of air duct cleaning equipment.

The H2500IV INTELLIVAC includes many unique features and engineering innovations such as
Microprocessor “thinks on the job” by monitoring filter loading, voltage input, and amperage draw and automatically adjusts blower speed to provide maximum output within safe levels of electrical circuit
Superior vacuum power produced by our exclusive high-performance, backward-curved blower, and high-efficiency motor create exceptional airflow and static lift
Advanced electronic system controls with Variable Frequency Drive(VFD) provides pre-programmed “soft-starts” and operator amperage adjustment to maximize vacuum performance without over-amping the supply circuit
Recessed covered control panel with hour meter, amperage adjustment dial and meter, dual plug receptacle, circuit breaker, filter loading gauge, and audio and visual filter loading alarms
Stainless steel cabinet projects a professional appearance resists corrosion and is easy to clean
High-capacity, three-stage filtration system: Washable and reusable filter bag; MERV 11 pleated bag filter; and 99.97% efficient HEPA filter
Patented four-module design quickly detaches into separate units and can be hand carried by one person
Built-in stair climber, swivel wheels and 10” smooth rubber tires make transport a breeze
Compact, upright design enables the H2500IV to fit through standard doorways

Cabinetry: 20 Gauge Stainless Steel
Overall Weight: 198 lbs.
Overall Dimensions: 20 5/8"W x 30"D x 58"H
Inlet Module Weight: 21 lbs.
Inlet Module Dimensions: 20 5/8"W x 25 1/2"D x 12 1/2"H
Bag Filter Module Weight: 25 lbs.
Bag Filter Module Dimensions: 20 5/8"W x 25 1/2"D x 14 3/4"H
HEPA Module Weight: 32 lbs.
HEPA Module Dimensions: 20 5/8"W x 25 1/2"D x 8"H
Power Module Weight: 120 lbs.
Power Module Dimensions: 20 5/8"W x 30"D x 22 3/4"H
Peak Blower Performance*: 3,000 cfm, 8.4" w.g. static
Electrical Requirements: 120 V/15 or 20 ampere/60 Hz
Motor: 1.5 hp high-efficiency, three phase motor
Blower: AT Gold backward curved blower
Integral Transport Cart: Yes
360° Front Swivel Casters: Yes
Non-Marking Wheels: Yes, 10" diameter
Non-Marking Stairclimber: Yes
3-Stage Filtration with HEPA: Yes
Electronic Performance Enhancement: Yes, IntelliVac AC Controller
Amperage Adjustment Switch: Yes
Main Power Switch: Yes
"Power On" Visual Indicator: Yes
Power Cord Receptacle: Twist & Turn
Dual Plug Receptacle: Yes
Operating Hour Meter: Yes
Motor Amperage Gauge: Yes
Differential Pressure Gauge: Yes, 0-10" w.g.