Abatement Technologies PAS1200 HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Scrubber

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The full-feature Abatement Technologies HEPA-AIRE PAS1200 Portable Air Scrubber from Abatement Technologies is the stainless-steel counterpart to our PRED1200 model, with similar performance characteristics. The PAS1200 features variable airflow control from 150 cfm to 900 cfm. Multiple units can be daisy-chained on one 15-amp circuit via the GFCI-protected duplex receptacles. The PAS1200 is capable of maintaining 6 ACH in spaces up to 7,500-9,000 ft³ at peak rated airflow.

The PAS1200 Portable Air Scrubber is designed to employ up to four filter stages to remove potentially hazardous airborne particles from healthcare construction, maintenance, and renovation zones

  • First stage pre-filter - Inexpensive 1"-deep pre-filter for larger particles
  • Second stage pre-filter - 2"-deep pleated filter for medium-sized particles
  • Third stage pre-filter (optional, not included with the unit) - 2"-deep high-capacity carbon filter for gases and odors
  • Final stage - Tested & certified 99.97%-efficient metal-frame HEPA filter


Features of the HEPA-AIRE PAS1200 Portable Air Scrubber include

  • Easy to Transport - 8” non-marking rear wheels with smooth tires roll quietly and protect floors
  • Powerful Blower - High-efficiency airfoil blower provides 6 ACH @ 7,500-9,000 ft³
  • Maneuverable in Small Spaces - Front swivel casters allow the PAS1200 to “turn on a dime” in tight spaces
  • Solid-Rivet Aircraft Construction - Strong leak-resistant cabinets
  • User-Friendly Controls - A complete array of convenient controls enables users to continuously monitor the operating status of the PAS1200
  • Safety First - NRTL certified to conform to UL507 and CSA 22.2 safety standards
  • Easy 'No Tools' Pre-Filter Access - Fast filter changes
  • Separate Pre-Filter Compartments - Less bypass, helps prevent premature HEPA loading
  • 230 VAC/50 Hz Export Model - PAS1200TF runs on 230 Volt/50 Hz current (1,000-1,250 m³/hr.)


Filters Pollutants Using up to Four Stages of Filtration
The PAS1200 uses a special backward-curved blower and high-speed motor to pull pollutants through up to four stages of filtration.

Recessed Control Panel
The recessed control panel provides all controls in one location.

Control Panel Features:

  • Variable speed control
  • ‘Power On’ indicator lamp
  • ‘Replace Pre-filter’ indicator lamp
  • ‘Replace HEPA’ indicator lamp
  • Hour meter
  • Male power receptacle
  • Pop-out circuit breaker