Mitsubishi PVFY-P06 P12 P18 P24 Air Handler Filter (2 Pack)

Mitsubishi PVFY-P06=P12-P18-P24 High Efficiency Filter 2 Pack 

The Filter is 16 x 20 and fits both the PVFY-P models from 06 to 24 Series Mitsubishi Air Handler - commonly called a Ducted Ductless Combination unit.

How to clean:

Clear dust away lightly or clean it up with a vacuum cleaner. In the case of severe clogging, wash the filter in lukewarm water mixed with dissolved neutral detergent or water, and then rinse off the detergent completely. After washing, dry it and reinstall.

 Shipped as a 2 Pack to save on Shipping Costs & for your convenience - wash one and let it dry while you install the other.

Filter is rated for 2500 hours before replacement. Typical longevity is ONE YEAR with routine cleanings as described above.

This is a 2 pack.