Abatement Technologies H2001 Poly Pad Filter (50pk) PAS1600S, PAS1600SHS, PAS2000EK, PAS2400E

Abatement Technologies H2001 replacement pre-filter for the following portable air scrubbers:

PAS1600S, PAS1600SHS, PAS2000EK, PAS2000EAK,PAS2400E, PAS2KA-3, BD2KL, BD2KLV, H2000L, H2000LA and H5000C, H2000HP

Abatement Technologies H2001 1st stage replacement pre-filter. The ring panel style pre-filter captures the coarsest particles circulating through your air duct system which helps to extend the life of the 2nd stage pleated filter and the HEPA filter, saving you money! The actual size of the H2001 air filter is approximately 24" x 24" x 1".

Abatement recommended replacement schedule for the H2001 pre-filter:

High Particulate - every 8 hours
Medium Particulate - every 48 hours
Low particulate - every 72 hours or until filter light goes on

This package ships with 50 filters.