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Campbell 4C4 Water Filters 2 Micron Taste & Odor Cartridges - 12 Filter Pack

The 4C4 water filter cartridge it the standard cartridge included in all Campbell CF4-H sediment, odor & taste filter systems.

This Diamond-Wound polypropylene cartridge contains multi-layers of activate carbon to help remove odors and foul tastes.

Cartridges are manufactured from FDA listed materials.

These cartridges help to protect your plumbing system from debris - whether you are on a well or on "city" water. When the "city" flushes hydrants or changes the water pressure in their system, debris floats in the water and gets stuck in valves, faucets and causes drips & small leaks that add to expensive water, sewer & service bills!

Most often preferred by RV & Boat Owners because of its effectiveness & compact design. It's also prefect for under-the-sink applications and water coolers found in schools and hospitals.

Change Monthly for best results! This Pack should be good for 2 or 3 months, depending on your water quality.

12 cartridges included (6 - 2 Packs)


  • 2 Micron
  • 4" Length
  • 100°F Max Temp
  • 2 per box
  • Model 4C4

 ANNUAL Pack - SAVE more on Shipping & Convenience!