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Mitsubishi U01 A01 100 & MAC-408FT-E Annual Mini Split Filter Pack

Mitsubishi U01-A01-100 & MAC-408FT-E annual replacement mini split filter pack for the following Mitsubishi mini split units:


Mitsubishi U01-A01-100 Nano Platinum mini split filter, which also cleanses the air of unpleasant odors, works in premium units. Instead of catechin, these filters absorb foul smells using a platinum catalyst. They use nanotechnology, which makes them incredibly efficient at absorbing odor at the molecular level. A nanometer-scale mesh platinum catalyst deodorizing filter catches and absorbs even the tiniest particulate matter in the air.

The Mitsubishi U01-A01-100 mini split filter should be cleaned once every two weeks and replaced every 12 months for best performance.

Mitsubishi MAC-408FT-E anti-allergy enzyme mini split Filter is a two-pack of replacement anti-allergy air filters for Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pump and air conditioning split systems. The Mitsubishi MAC-408FT-E mini split filter is a blue anti-allergy enzyme filter that attaches to the unit's plastic framed pre-filter. The filter captures airborne bacteria, viruses, and germs and traps fine dust and pollen that the larger post-filter may not catch. This filter is made with a special enzyme to break down the bonds in allergen proteins, giving your home or office fresh air while reducing allergens in the environment.

The Mitsubishi MAC-408FT-E air filter should be changed once every four months.

Mitsubishi U01-A01-100 & MAC-408FT-E annual filter bundle contains eight filters (1 year supply) TWO - Mitsubishi U01-A01-100 & SIX - MAC-408FT-E.