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Mitsubishi MSZ-A Series Mini Split Filter Bundle Pack

Mitsubishi MSZ-ASeries Mini-Split Filter Bundle fits:

MSZ-09NA; MSZ-A12NA; MSZ-A15NA & MSZ-A17 NA Mini-Split ductless mini split units.

Mitsubishi Catechin mini split filters cleanse the air of unpleasant odors, work in premium units. Catechin helps to absorb foul smells, helping to make them very effective. 

This Bundle Pack is for Homeowners who are disciplined to keep their ductless unit in the cleanest possible condition - who don't have a lot of airborne particulate typical of wall-to-wall carpeting, shedding pets or live in an area of high pollen and forestry decay. (If your allergies are severe, you might want to check out our ANNUAL Pack, which provides more of the Air Cleaning Filters that attach to the Large Catechin Filters.


Mitsubishi MSZ-A Series Bundle includes 3 filters - 2 large Catechin filters & 1 Air Cleaning Filters. The left filter is larger than the right side filter - just for your reference.