Abatement Technologies VL2024 Carbon Filter (6pk)

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Abatement Technologies VL2024 OEM carbon replacement filter for the following Abatement units:

BD2KL, BD2KLA, BD2KLV, BD2KLAV, H2000L, H2000LA, H5000C, PAS1600S, PAS1600SHS, PAS2K-3 and PAS2KA-3

Abatement Technologies VL2024 is the 24 x 24 x 2 replacement OEM 2nd stage carbon filter. The VL2024 is used to reduce airborne odors, vapors or gases (OVG), including volatile organic compounds by chemically bonding the OVG molecules to the surface area of the carbon granules, via a process known as adsorption. 

Manufacturer recommended replacement schedule for the VL2024 carbon filter when being used as a 2nd stage filter:

Use filter indicator light to determine needs
High Particulate - estimate 72 hours
Medium Particulate - 3 x/ month
Low particulate - 1 x/ month or when filter light goes on

This package ships with 6 filters.