Abatement Technologies H502 16x16x2 Pleated Filter 6 Pack

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The Abatement Technologies H502 air filter model is the original equipment manufacturer or OEM replacement 2nd stage MERV 6 pleated particulate filter for Abatement Technologies PRED600, PRED1200, PRED1200E, PAS600, PAS1200, HC400F and HC400F-UV portable air scrubbers. The H502 is optional for Abatement Technologies PAS1800 and H600V portable air scrubbers.

The H502 2nd stage pleated filter removes finer particulates than the 1st stage pre-filter. The actual size of the H502 air filter is approximately 16 x 16 x 2.

Manufacturer recommended replacement schedule for the H502 pleated filter:

  • Use filter indicator light to determine needs
  • High Particulate - estimate 72 hours
  • Medium Particulate - 3 x/ month
  • Low particulate - 1 x/ month or when filter light goes on

For instructions on how to change your air cleaner filter, please refer to your units Instruction Manual.

The Abatement Technologies H502 MERV 6 air filter is UL 900 Class 2 listed.

This package ships with 6 filters.


  1. The pleated H502 filter is NOT designed for use with UV lamps. Do not use the H502 pleated filter or substitute other non UV resistant filters in units that use a UV lamp because these products may off-gas, produce unpleasant odors, degrade, and in some cases, completely deteriorate.
  2. If you have a unit that uses a UV lamp like the PRED1200UV you will want to purchase the H502UVR UV-resistant pleated filter.