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HEPA Filter Sales FedEx Tracking

If you selected FedEx shipping for your order, you can use our FedEx shipment tracking tool to see where your order is and when it is expected to arrive.

You can track your order with either your supplied FedEx tracking number once the order is shipped, or you can enter your HEPA Filter Sales order number from your emailed receipt to check the current progress of your order with FedEx.

For more help with tracking your shipment read our tracking instructions below.



   FedEx Tracking
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FedEx Tracking Instructions:

  1. Locate either your HEPA Filter Sales order number from your order confirmation email, or your FedEx tracking number from your shipment confirmation email.
  2. Select the method you want to track your order with in the Request Type drop-down menu. You can track with either of the above numbers.
  3. This step varies depending on your method of tracking.

    • If you selected to track with your FedEx tracking number, simply enter the tracking number in the appropriate field and click track.
    • If you selected to track with your Order Number, (recommended) you'll need to provide your city and zip code, OR the approximate ship date (within 15 days) and the Account number. Click "Track" after entering the appropriate information to be taken to your orders tracking information.

We hope your experience with us was great from the start, and we are always improving our fulfillment process to better accommodate your needs. Please let us know if there are any suggestions you may have to better the entire process to purchase your filters.

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