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Extra Value for Business

Drop Ship Directly to Your Customer:

drop ship to your customerWe have a Drop Ship option at checkout that allows you to have your order shipped directly to your customer and best of all the HEPA Filter Sales name and logo will not appear on the order's packaging or the packing slip.  This way the order looks like it was shipped by you from the billing address you used on the order.  If you want the shipment to look like it came from another address than the order's billing address please add this information to the "Comments and Special Shipping Instructions" field.

To have your order drop shipped to your customer, simply check the box next to the "Drop Ship" note (see below) under "Advanced Shipping Options for Business" on the Shipping and Billing Information page at checkout and put your customers name and address in the "Ship To" Information fields above the drop ship checkbox.

If you have any questions about drop shipping or any other shipping question, please email us at sales@hepafiltersales.com or by call 1 (866) 266-8988.

Order to be Drop Shipped to an address other than the billing address.

Ship Orders Using Your Company's UPS Shipping Account:

use your company's UPS shipping accountIn most cases we can ship your order using your company's UPS shipping account.  Typically you won't save much if anything on shipping doing this, but you get credit for the shipment on your company's account. This can make a difference when you renegotiate your account rates with UPS.  The more you ship through your company's account the better rates you can negotiate.

To ship your order using your company's UPS account, check the box next to the "Use your company's UPS Business Shipping Account" option (see below) just below the Drop Ship option under "Advanced Shipping Options for Business" on the Shipping and Billing Information page of checkout. Make sure to fill in the field for "Your Company’s UPS Account Number" and choose a "Shipping Option" to use with your account.

Make sure to choose option 6 "Ship your order using your UPS account - ($0.00)" on the Shipping and Payment Selection page of checkout in the "Shipping Options" section. This option will $0 bill the shipping from our shopping cart. We will ship your order using your UPS account number and the shipping option you specify.

  Use your company's UPS Business Shipping Account to ship this order.
Your Company's UPS Shipping Account Number:  
  Shipping Option to Use with Your UPS Shipping Account:  

Other Value-Added Account Features for Business:

Partner with BusinessIn addition to the great value we offer our customers, we have several free account features that have clear benefits to our business customers.  All you have to do to take advantage of these value-added features is set up an account at checkout.

  • You will receive an email with a tracking number when your order ships
    • The order tracking email will be sent to the "Bill To" email address specified at checkout
  • Check your orders status
    • View a summary order status and history list of current and past orders to quickly find an order, see its status and print it
  • Ability to view past order history and print past invoices
    • Check past orders for your customers and find out what was ordered and when the order was placed
    • Print invoices for past orders for tax purposes or customer files
    • Current and past order invoices can be printed from the summary list or from a drop down box on your account page
  • Quickly reorder past orders
    • Ability to quickly send the contents of a past order into your shopping basket at hepafiltersales.com from a dropdown box on your account page or from any order invoice page
  • Ability to set unlimited custom email reminders
    • Send unlimited custom email reminders to your "Bill To" email address.
    • Great for reminders of when to reorder for your customers next planned maintenance or to remind yourself to place an order for a scheduled job.
  • Product discounts
    • A few times a year you may receive marketing emails from us with coupons, product discounts or sale information

Business Testimonials:


Subject: Useful Account Features

It's great to know that when an account is established with HEPA Filter Sales, it is quick and easy to order parts from then on, and the one click reorder is fantastic.

The reminder service is a big plus too. Instead of waiting until you're doing your taxes to discover a customer you 'forgot' to service because you were preoccupied, you get an e-mail reminder that helps you show your customer you're Johnny on the spot.

Any help with the details is a time saving money generating plus, and with all this service, the best prices to boot! Why even try anywhere else? You'll waste your savings in time trying to out price them. Thanks for caring HEPA Filter Sales. You're an ICON of how to do business.

Donald C.
Palm Bay, FL



Subject: Easy to Reorder

I cannot believe this is so easy to reorder. I will shop here from now on.

Charles D.
Mechanicsburg, PA



Subject: Great Prices

With today's economy the company is looking at every purchase. I searched online and could not find anyone with better prices on these air filters. And the actual online ordering process was very easy.

Rob K.
Chambersburg, PA



Subject: Professional Staff

Alicia is always very helpful and professional. I appreciate her product knowledge and quick response. I was able to contact her, find the filter I needed, and place my order all in less than ten minutes! Thanks! I wish every business operated this way!

West Melbourne, FL



Subject: Great Product Selection

A Nordyne media filter unit was installed in one of my rental homes. Unfortunately neither the installer nor local vendors currently carry the replacement filter. HEPA Filter Sales not only had the correct filter needed, but offered a 3 pack at a very reasonable price. Thanks

Chris R.
El Cajon, CA



Subject: Great Prices

I was looking to replace a UV bulb and found this website. The price was excellent compared to most other places. Website was easy to use. I will recommend this site to friends and customers.

Donna M
Decatur, IL


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