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K9318883008 Ductless Air Filter

Fujitsu K9318883008 Ductless Air Filter

Model: K9318883008

Price: $20.00
Product Type:
Air Filter
Package Type:
1 Filter Pack
UPC Code:
Quantity in Basket: None
Product Rating:

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Fujitsu K9318883008 washable air filter part number has been changed to K9318883015. When ordered you may receive the K9318883015.

The Fujitsu K9318883008 is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement air filter for the following Fujitsu ductless mini split units:

  • ASU9RLS2
  • ASU12RLS2
  • ASU15RLS2

All of the above indoor units require 2 replacement air filters. 

The Fujitsu K9318883008 replacement air filter is treated during manufacturing to prevent the growth of mold. This feature on the filters gives you the option to have cleaner, healthier air inside your home. The coating also makes it easier to clean your air filter. 

Fujitsu recommends that the air filter is rinsed in warm water with a mild soap mix. DO NOT scrub the filter with a brush or abrasive scrubbing pad. This will damage the deodorizing ability of the filter. After washing the K9318883008, it must be thoroughly air dried before it can be placed back in the indoor unit. 

The Fujitsu K9318883008 should be cleaned every two weeks to ensure the best air cleaning performance of the filter and your home.

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