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DR65-6504 Dominator 16x25x4 MERV14 3-Pack

Purolator DR65-6504 Dominator 16x25x4 MERV14 3-Pack

Model: DR65-6504-3

Price: $340.00
Product Size:
15 1/4"x24 1/4"x3 3/4"
Product Type:
Air Filter
Package Type:
3 Filter Pack
UPC Code:
Quantity in Basket: None
Product Rating:

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The Purolator Dominator series DR65-6504 is a high efficiency 16"x25"x4" filter with a rigid cell extended surface filter that offers a MERV rating of 14 for your indoor unit or furnace. The Dominator removes fine airborne particulate while maintaining, or reducing your energy consumption or costs.

The Dominator media packs are made from CLARCOR's patented E-pleat technology. The technology behind this type of filter ensures pleat spacing that maximizes the airflow and ensures full depth dust collecting in the media. This media is 100% synthetic polystyrene and is contained in a high performance plastic framed filter and bonded together with a tough glue bead, allowing the Dominator to outperform traditional cardboard and fiberglass 4", filters while being environmentally friendly.

This filter is the high efficiency alternative to the MERV 8 pleated filter for the Freewatt Warm Air Systems, and Hydronic Systems. The Purolator Dominator 16"x25"x4" MERV14 filter is the OEM high performance filter for Freewatt systems. The filter should be replaced every six months.

Customers who are trying to reach their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Certification for their facility can earn points with this MERV 14 filter in support of their registered LEED project certification.

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